And The First 2012 Candidate To Endorse Occupy Wall Street Is...

... former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer (R). If you've been following his presidential campaign -- and the media, having shut Roemer out of the debates, has made this hard! -- you'll know that this is in keeping with his unique political platform. His campaign releases the following statement:

Manchester, NH -- Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer released the following statement regarding the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

As I continue touring college campuses throughout New Hampshire, I am reminded of all the young Americans currently taking part in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Please know that I stand by you.

It is Main Street that creates the majority of jobs in America; it is Main Street that sends our brave young men and women to war; it is Main Street that hurts when another manufacturing plant closes only to be re-opened in China; it is Main Street that is being foreclosed on; and it is Main Street that is suffering while the greed of Wall Street continues to hurt our middle-class.

Too-big-to-fail banks have only gotten bigger thanks to government bailouts, and as president, I will end the corporate tax loopholes that un-American corporations take advantage of only to ship our jobs overseas. Fair trade not Free trade.

Money in politics has created institutional corruption. Both parties are guilty of taking the big check and are bought by Wall Street. My campaign is the only one that speaks out against this and I look forward to the day lobbyists are not allowed to donate to campaigns.

Wall Street grew to be a source of capital for growing companies. It has become something else: A facilitator for greed and for the selling of American jobs. Enough already.

Dave Weigel scoops it first and puts the $64,000 question out there: "This will be a test if anything Roemer says can get attention."

Dylan Ratigan, take note!

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