Buddy Roemer Formally Announces Third Party Bid For President (VIDEO)

Former Louisiana Gov. Charles "Buddy" Roemer formally announced his third party candidacy for president today from the headquarters of Yowie, a video chat service.

News that Roemer would end his Republican bid broke Wednesday:

The 68-year-old former congressman who barely registered in polling on the GOP race said he will try to become the nominee of Americans Elect. The nonpartisan group is pushing for a third-party candidate to run against President Barack Obama and the eventual GOP nominee.

Roemer also plans to seek the nomination of the Reform Party.

Roemer served one-term as Louisiana governor from 1988 to 1992. He had built his presidential campaign on lambasting special interests in politics. He limited campaign donations to $100 and refused money from political action committees.

As a Republican, the former Louisiana governor was mostly seen as a novelty candidate for his lively Twitter feed and campaign stops like visiting Occupy DC.

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