Where To Buy Budget Glasses Online That Are Cheaper Than Warby Parker

I haven’t spent more than $50 on a pair of prescription glasses since 2015.

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I spent 22 blissful years with 20/20 vision, until I realized one fateful day in 2012 that I was squinting to make out the exit signs while driving on the highway. A trip to the eye doctor confirmed my suspicions: I needed glasses.

I’ll admit, I was excited about picking out my first pair. I was a senior in college at the time, and when I dreamed about what post-college Caroline would be like, I’d imagine myself in a smart power suit and a pair of bold, cat-eye glasses: A Professional Woman. I found my new specs right there at the optometrist, but my dreams of building an extensive collection of glasses to suit every professional, studious or casual look I threw together died as quickly as the cashier rang me up.

“That will be $300, please,” he chirped, and broke college Caroline choked at the total. I paid up, left with my newly perfected vision and spent the next two months working doubles to pay off my overdrafted checking account. My new glasses were cute, but I couldn’t fathom how a pair of plastic frames could be worth $300.

Fortunately for this generation of broke, myopic college kids ― and folks just looking to make their money go further ― many other people had the same quibble. In the years since my first lens purchase in 2012, plenty of online glasses retailers like Warby Parker have swooped in and forever changed the game.

I own several pairs of Warby Parker glasses myself, but even its $99-and-up price tag is steep these days. In fact, I haven’t spent more than $50 on a pair of prescription glasses since late 2015. I get my eyes checked every other year (or whenever LensCrafters has a sale on eye exams, if I’m being honest), and I take that ’scrip right to Coastal, EyeBuyDirect or GlassesUSA — my favorite spots for adorable budget eyewear.

Here, you can read up on everything you need to know about buying glasses online for cheap (including how to measure your PD!). And below, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite under-$100 frames from Coastal, EyeBuyDirect and GlassesUSA. Take a look:

Islington Gold Frames — GlassesUSA
These bold geometric frames are trendy, unique and under $54 with lenses. Get them at GlassesUSA.
Quazar Rectangle Clear Eyeglasses — EyeBuyDirect
Clear frames are so hot right now, but if you want a more eye-popping look, these bad boys also come in brown and black. Get them at EyeBuyDirect.
Morning Round Eyeglasses — EyeBuyDirect
These glasses come in three colors, and they are a perfect dupe for the Warby Parker Durand frames so many people own. Get them at EyeBuyDirect.
Wistful Round Matte Eyeglasses — EyeBuyDirect
These also come in matte pink and black frames. I own them in black, and I also have a very similar gold style from Coastal (which is sadly sold out currently). I can't leave the house in them without someone commenting on how cute they are. Get them at EyeBuyDirect.
Love Pasionfruit Glasses — Coastal
Elle Woods, is that you? These bubblegum pink specs are the perfect accessory to rock while graduating at the top of your law school class. What, like it’s hard? Get them at Coastal.
Poise Rectangle Black Eyeglasses — EyeBuyDirect
If you're looking for a new take on the thick black-framed glasses look, you might've found it in these rectangular artsy frames. Get them at EyeBuyDirect.
Apollo Perspective Glasses — Coastal
These feel like something Diane Keaton would've worn in the '70s. Get them at Coastal.
Get Lucky Round Ivory and Silver Eyeglasses — EyeBuyDirect
These also come in a brown and silver combo. Get these at EyeBuyDirect.
Kam Dhillon Ariana Glasses — Coastal
This is a polished, modern take on the vintage horn-rimmed glasses. They also come in merlot, black, nude and blue frame shades. Get them at Coastal.
Nadia Cat-Eye Eyeglasses — EyeBuyDirect
A nice combo between cat-eye and round, these frames are an everyday look you can wear everywhere. Get them at EyeBuyDirect.
Estelle Glasses — GlassesUSA
Grandma, but make it fashion! Get these frames at GlassesUSA.
Fame Aviator Eyeglasses — EyeBuyDirect
Grandpa, but make it fashion! Get these frames at EyeBuyDirect.

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