10 Epic Places You Can Visit On A Budget

Wanderlust knows no wallets. 💸

Traveling on the cheap doesn't have to mean seedy motels and a road trip across the U.S. (Though trust us, that's not a bad plan at all.)

But for the wanderluster who wants to go somewhere truly epic, there are a number of options you're probably failing to consider. Lonely Planet recently named their Best Value Destinations for 2016, for example. The list is full of incredible locations -- and we mean natural wonders, far-flung continents and little-known pockets of Europe -- that are bonafide budget-friendly spots, with cheap accommodations and excellent exchange rates. Check 'em out below!

Western Australia
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Current exchange rates mean the Australian dollar is especially valuable to international visitors right now, Lonely Planet notes. Drink beer and take in concerts in Perth, or trek the wondrous Kimberley region, including Bell Gorge (above).
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This cultural wonderland is home to a number of well-priced places to stay, including beach shacks and mountain guest houses. The blue-water beaches have incredible diving, FYI.
Costa Rica's Caribbean coast
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The Pacific coast may get more credit, but Costa Rica's laid-back Caribbean side is still relatively unknown to tourists. Hide out on secret beaches, or take a tour of "Little Jamaica."
Quebec City, Canada
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If tickets to Europe are too pricey, this the next best (or maybe even better!) thing. As a UNESCO world heritage site, the colonial Historic District offers castles, cobblestone streets and bistros galore.
Galicia, Spain
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On the whole, this paradise is cheaper than the big tourist hits of Barcelona and Madrid. With beaches full of rock formations to explore, some call it one of the most epic places on Earth.
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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This European gem provides all the essentials, like lodging and authentic food, for cheap. Added bonus? The country's more adventurous activities -- like skiing and water rafting -- are also affordable.
New Mexico
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Okay, yes, you'll pretty much be living INSIDE "Breaking Bad." Beyond that, other natural (aka free) adventures include hot springs, Alpine forests and hiking. Don't forget the International Balloon Fiesta! (Not free, but very cheap.)
East Africa
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Not only will you see rhinos and elephants in Kenya and take in some of the best savanna sunsets of your life, but you'll also have access to some great tourism deals on this side of the continent.
Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam
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Ho Chi Minh City is a buzzing metropolis. Hanoi dazzles with historic temples and pagodas, and you can easily day trip to rice terraces and the famous Ha Long Bay. Both cities recently ranked top in their ability to please travelers on a budget.
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If you're not observing a mega-art installation in the lush Estonian forests, then at least explore the city of Tallin, where locals roam. A little money goes a loooong way here.

Good news! Airfare is cheap these days, so if you hack with the right tools, you can get to these spots for relatively cheap.

Looking to lodge on a budget, as well? Then study up:

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