Teens Stop Train As Pet Budgie Plays Chicken On Track

The bird just didn't want to budge.

Three teenage girls stopped trains on a busy Australian line after one of the trio's pet budgerigar escaped and flew onto the tracks.

Surveillance footage shows the teens leaving the suburban Chelmer station in the eastern coastal city of Brisbane. But as they walk down steps, the brightly colored green and yellow bird called "Fish" flies off and lands on the line.

Watch closely and you can see the budgie taking flight here:

One of the girls rushed back into the station to ask staff for help. Officials suspended all train services in the area and alerted Shane Little, the driver of an incoming locomotive.

He stopped the train just feet from the bird, walked out onto the tracks to pick it up and gave it back to the girls.

"It flew away from me the first time but I managed to pick it up the second time and took it over to the girls," Little told the Brisbane Times. "They were over the moon."

Little returned to his train's cab and drove off. The entire incident lasted around five minutes.

Queensland Rail posted video of the incident to Facebook on Thursday, which is now going viral.

Little said pets aren't supposed to be taken on the train, UPI reports. It's not clear whether the bird was in a cage or being held in its owner's hands. But the train driver and the network operator praised the unidentified girls for not jumping down onto the tracks themselves.

"We commend the girls for not fluttering about and for following the appropriate steps to stay off the tracks to safely report the incident, which has meant we were able to safely stop trains for a short time to save and collect the budgie," Queensland Rail posted on Facebook. "The budgie has lived to tweet a sweet tale."

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