Brooklyn Trolls World With $10 Latte; Gentrification Complete

Would a licorice-flavored latte with exotic roots entice New Yorkers to pay $10 for a cup of joe?

Judging by the recent crowds amassing outside Budin, a newly opened coffee shop in Greenpoint, the answer is emphatically yes.

The cafe's owners point to rare ingredients in the "lakkris latte" to justify the incredibly pricey drink.

"Each component is of a high caliber that is rarely seen in the states,” co-owner Elliot Rayman explained to The Daily News. “They come together in a unique flavor all its own.”

The latte specifically uses a special anise syrup and licorice powder and Ethiopian beans that are roasted in Norway.

Exasperatingly, the $10 price tag -- believed to be the most expensive for a virgin espresso drink in New York City -- is actually an increase from the $7 Budin originally charged.

While we can't say we're exactly shocked by the price -- after all, Brooklyn is home to an artisanal porridge shop -- let's keep in mind the city is now struggling to make a $10 minimum wage a reality.