It's Almost August And Buffalo's Dirty Snow Pile Is Still Just Chillin'


It is almost August and daytime highs are reaching well into the 80s in Buffalo, New York, yet the city still has a giant, dirty snow pile left from eight months ago.

The Buffalo area was hit with two back-to-back lake-effect snowstorms in November, which dropped several feet of snow over a short period. Thousands of drivers were stranded and 13 people died.

When seven feet of snow falls on your city, you have to put it somewhere. Officials dumped it in a big pile next to the abandoned art deco Central Terminal train station.

The spring and summer sun has shrunk the pile, but it’s clearly still there. It’s now compressed into two mounds of nearly solid ice that are up to 10 feet high in some spots, according to NBC affiliate WGRZ. All the dirt and garbage that was also swept up by the city’s plows covers the pile and insulates it from a faster demise.

“That pile of snow is like a glacier,” WGRZ meteorologist Patrick Hammer says in the video above. “It’s actually melting from below,” as the ground warms in the summer.

Boston had a similarly snow-heavy winter last year and its massive snow pile hung on until July 14.

“Our nightmare is officially over!” Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) tweeted when the pile was gone. 


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