Buffalo Wild Wings Makes Mountain Dew Wings, To World's Dismay

Oh boy.

The Dew has done it again.

Mountain Dew, the epitome of unhealthy sugary soft drinks, is making its way into our food. First it was Doritos and now it's on our chicken wings. Buffalo Wild Wings, the chicken wing chain that loves to mix things up with new flavors every couple of months, has taken a deep dive with Mountain Dew to create this.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Those wings are doused in Buffalo Wild Wings' newest flavor, Zesty Citrus Sauce, which is made with a dubious mix of the Dew, lemongrass, ginger, soy sauce, and red peppers. The sauce is also available for dipping so you can double down on the Dew. One of our editors was brave enough to try the new flavor. Here's what she said:

You can literally taste the Mountain Dew aftertaste in the sauce. It kinda burns your throat in that artificial soda way. The sauce starts out sweet and then gets a little spicy, finishing with a weird artificial lime-y flavor.

The new flavor will be released Dec. 14. for a limited time, so you can eat your Dew while you drink it too. ... If you want.

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