Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant Refuses To Serve Police Officers Because Of Their Guns

An employee at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Manassas, Va., refused to serve a group of police officers last Wednesday because their guns were on display. Denying service to cops is not the company's official policy.

According to the Manassas Patch, local resident David LaClair witnessed the incident, notified Buffalo Wild Wings' headquarters and started "a public awareness campaign."

Scott Lupton, a manager at the Manassas Buffalo Wild Wings, wrote an apology email to LaClair and said the whole thing was "a huge misunderstanding," reports Patch. Lupton said there was "no reason" the officers should have been denied service and that cops are "always welcome" at the restaurant.

Angie Andresen, a spokeswoman for Buffalo Wild Wings, echoed Lupton's comments on the phone to The Huffington Post Thursday.

"It's our policy to allow law enforcement officers to carry their guns in the restaurant," Andresen said. "It was an honest mistake and that can happen."

Andresen said that all the employees of the Buffalo Wild Wings had been made aware of that policy since the incident occurred.

The whole controversy has sent the restaurant scrambling to make up for its mistake. Three managers have visited the Prince William County police station to apologize and discuss the issue with officers, Sgt. Kim Chinn told HuffPost over the phone.

"They're very upset about it and they're upset the public is halfway reading the story and saying 'I'll never go to Buffalo Wild Wings again,'" Chinn said. "It's becoming a nightmare for them."

(Hat tip, CBS DC)



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