Deaf Black Lab Fetched By Dog Friend (VIDEO)

Teamwork has never been more adorable.

Benson, a cute black lab, is hearing impaired, so when it's time to come inside after playing in the yard, his buddy Buffy has to fetch him.

Despite being "awwww-inspiring," it seems doggy cooperation isn't that uncommon. Earlier this year, Rowdy, a rat terrier, went on a walk with his owner and discovered Casper, a 15-year old miniature schnauzer, stuck in a drain pipe.

Authorities estimated Casper had been in trapped in the pipe for around three days. Firefighters rescued the imprisoned pup with a "unique plan involving a hose and a teddy bear."

Watch as Buffy happily prances over to his roommate, grabs his collar, and ushers him back towards the house. It's even better if you listen to "The Best Of Friends" song from the Fox and the Hound at the same time.

If you want to help a dog in need, check out Petfinder.com or the ASPCA website to learn about adopting a homeless pet.


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