Bug Found In McDonald's Burger Not Indicative Of Pest Control Issue, Inspectors Determine (PHOTO)

The British might not be known for their cuisine, but you've got to draw the line somewhere.

Matthew Pickford, 19, claims he got a little something extra when he bought a Big Tasty from a drive through in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England on July 8.

He wasn't sure if the bug that stowed away in his burger was a cricket or a grasshopper, but it was definitely a mealbreaker*.

Visit the Norwich Evening News to find out where inspectors think the bug came from.

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“I had bitten into the burger, I then moved a tomato as I don’t like them and saw it [the insect] under it. I could not believe it. I threw up and was sick. I felt disgusted," Pickford, who works as a chef, told the Norwich Evening News.

Pickford reported the restaurant to the environmental health team at Yarmouth Borough Council. Investigators gave the McDonald's in question a clean bill of health, and Pickford got an apology from restaurant management, who ordered their own health inspection of the premises.

It should be noted that some cultures enjoy eating crickets and other crunchy bugs as a delicacy. A little extra protein never hurt anyone, right?

And before you go making too many jokes about English food, let's not forget the kind of garbage -- sometimes literally, trash -- that has turned up in food items in the United States (see slideshow below). And that is to say nothing of Golden Corral's recent dumpster food storage brouhaha.

*Mealbreaker (n.): a nasty, non-edible surprise found in food while it is being eaten; often lawsuit-provoking, sometimes fabricated, always disgusting.