Robber Uses Bug Spray To Attack Bartender In Oregon Restaurant (VIDEO)

Man Armed With Insect Repellant Robs Restaurant

Police in Oregon are trying to sting a man who robbed a local restaurant using bug spray as his weapon of choice.

The thief came into a place called Elmer's on Monday wearing a blonde wig, a white beanie and a green sweatshirt with gloves just before midnight, and sprayed bug repellant in a bartender's face, the Associated Press reported.

The bartender tried to bat away the can of insect repellent, but got a direct spray to the face. That enabled the thief to get away with an undisclosed amount of cash from the register of the Roseburg restaurant.

Sgt. Aaron Dunbar of the Roseburg police said that bug spray isn't usually used by criminals.

"This is an extremely unusual case. We've had robberies in the past, but the idea of using bug spray as a weapon is a first," he told KPIC-TV.

However, there may be a precedent.

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