Bug-A-Salt, Rifle That Kills Insects With Table Salt, Obliterates Fundraising Goal (Video)

You'll Never Believe What This Rifle Does

The housefly has met its match: table salt, shot out of a fake assault rifle.

That's the gimmick behind the Bug-A-Salt, an "insect eradication device" dreamed up by a Santa Monica, Calif., artist who aims to start selling the bug-blaster in September. Lorenzo Maggiore took to the pages of Indiegogo to raise a modest $15,000 to make and market his salt-shooting fly-smasher and has so far taken in an astonishing $420,246.

Maggiore touts the gun's eco-friendliness -- no pesky insecticides are required. There are still dangers, however. The Bug-A-Salt website's FAQ cautions "do not shoot anyone in face."

Watch the above video for hilarious slow-motion bug-killing scenes involving cheese puffs and green Jell-O. Bill Weir at ABC News also graphically demonstrated what happens when he used the rifle to shoot store-bought crickets in this video (mildly gross bug splatter). You also can use the Bug-A-Salt to season a pretzel.

The gun, which just takes just a pinch of salt for ammo, costs $30. Rolling up a copy of the J.Crew catalogue and putting your elbow into it: still free.

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