Bugatti Launches Chiron As Successor To Popular Veyron Nameplate

Bugatti is officially dumping the Veyron. After a tenured showing, and after making it the play toy found in the garages of the world's rich and famous, it's finally being shelved.

But worry not, the automaker is replacing this iconic supercar with something that's equally as satiable. The new Chiron will be the name moving forwards. It was confirmed by the French supercar maker recently. It's also slated to debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, too.

Bugatti has been tight-lipped up until recently. So most of the information that's out there has purely emanated from the rumor mill. But, the new Chiron is very real. It's named after Bugatti racing driver Louis Alexandre Chiron, who helped the carmaker develop their award-winning luxury lineup. You'll get to see Louis' signature etched into the headrests, too, say current rumors.

Chiron really is a racing legend. He came aboard the automaker's nameplate in 1928. He raced for Bugatti the way up to the first Formula One race, which was held in 1950. In the late 50s, he would retire, considered a legend in the industry by many respects. By contrast, the Veyron was also named after a famous Bugatti driver, Pierre Veyron; just an FYI there.

The new Chiron is labeled as the fastest production car ever built, one that's teeming with luxurious features, according to its maker. The initial run is estimated to produce 500 cars, all which can be customized to order to suit the ever differing tastes of the world's wealthiest inhabitants.

While scant few details are available, we do know this. It's got a smoking hot body style that's focused on weight reduction for speed. There will be seating for two. A long list of customization options will be offered at an added cost. You'll have to get on a waiting list to even be considered. Under the hood will be a screamingly fast quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W-16 engine that can dole out about 1,500 horsepower.

As far as its release date and price... nobody is certain yet. But one thing is for sure: you'll pay a pretty penny for such a handsome racecar.

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