Build a Business to Impact Millions With Steve Mehr

Any Entrepreneur that has successfully mastered the art of combining purpose, passion and profits understands that business isn't solely about making income - but an impact. Once you decide to dabble in the uncharted territory of Entrepreneurship, take a moment to reflect on the fact that you should never start a business just to make money; rather, you should start a business to make a difference.

Successful Serial Entrepreneur Steve Mehr, is a living testimony and advocate of this powerful notion.

"When you're younger, it's all about you. However as you get older, you realize the value of connecting to communities and networks. All of my businesses are able to make an impact. How can you help other people if you can't even help yourself? You need to be in a position where you are further along than most, in order for you to make an influential impact in society. This goes just beyond volunteering. When you have the resources to make a difference to the masses, you can then be the person responsible for feeding thousands of people 2-3 weeks worth of food and more. "

You'll most likely be familiar with Steve Mehr's work in WebShark360, Jacoby & Meyers, and Secrets To Wealth. After achieving success at an early age, Steve now acts as a mentor, coach, and advisor helping other Entrepreneurs learn from his extensive legal and business experience.

However, beyond Steve's professional achievements, his generosity is what separates him from most Entrepreneurs. His ability to reach into his own resources to make a substantial impact to those most in need is beyond admirable. The Thanksgiving of 2015, Steve fed over 6,500 people and delivered care-packages for families in a single holiday. The true greatness of a man is not determined by his wealth, but by how many people he can positively impact.

How can one man that has reached the pinnacle of his success many lifetimes over be so humbled? He acknowledges the great mentors he's had over the years.

"It's crucial for every Entrepreneur to have mentors. You don't want to make the same mistakes that other people have made. The only way that you're going to move faster in life is by leveraging the mistakes of other people, and not their success. To me, a mentor is a person that's going to help me avoid pitfalls in my business because knowing their mistakes will prevent me from slowing down. You need to connect with people that are only a little bit ahead of the curve than you. For me, I know that I won't be able to effectively make an impact on a 19 year old that wants to start a business, because they are still lacking that life experience. However, working with people that have already achieved some success in their life and looking for more are the ones that I can make the biggest impact on. My message is more towards people who think the way I think, but aren't as successful as I am. I work with them so they can start giving back more to society."

It's evident that Steve urges people to secure long-term sustainability in order to effectively make an impact globally. His doctrines will reach thousands of people and then rapidly into millions solely from the domino effect that he pushed.

"Commit to putting in the work of building something that allows you to position yourself properly. A big part of this is self-development and evolution. By culminating those, you are able to help out your fellow man."

Steve is evolving his business swiftly into a platform where he simultaneously motivates and serves people at the masses. He is effectively putting the needs of others first, so that he can best demonstrate how to create a lifestyle that positively affects an Entrepreneur's top and bottom line.

With his Instagram account reaching 1 Million followers and growing at an increasing speed, he shares exclusively here a few of the secret sauces.

"I challenge myself to create repostable content. This then opens your account up to more viewership. @AgentSteven has had numerous Entertainment & Sports Celebrities repost his work. Gaining attention of celebrities has helped me grow my audience. I actively try to ensure that my every 4th or 5th post triggers reposts from my followers. One of the most important aspect is to remain consistent."

Other motivational Instagram accounts that try to follow in the footsteps of Steve's pale in comparison simply because what Steve brings to the table is real life experience and success. Everyone wants to give good advice, but they may not necessarily have the background or knowledge to back up what they post. With his audience being fully aware that Steve is 100% the real deal, he has thousands of people reaching out to him daily pleading for an opportunity to be mentored by him.

Knowing that, Steve produced a digital educational platform for Entrepreneurs that are ready to accelerate their business. He walks them through the beginning legal aspect of it all, which is an innovative concept that no other business course incorporates. They seem to miss this vital step, but Steve has masterfully integrated it in his program. By walking his clients through all the variables and giving them actionable steps, it provides them such significant clarity.

"Entrepreneurs need to validate their ideas first. Don't open a business until you validate your business first --- unless you absolutely know your idea is going to work. You need to see if it works before you put resources behind it. Be patient with the process. We live in a world where we want things done yesterday, but there are times in our business where we won't see a return for years, and you know what? That's totally ok. Stay committed. Stay consistent."

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