Build Your Real Estate Brokerage's Reputation With Two Simple Tips

Want to know a simple trick that will help you build the online reputation of your real estate brokerage or team?

Recently, I've been looking for online strategies to increase the credibility of our business, Part of this is through testimonials, releasing content regularly and getting active on our social profiles. In doing research, I stumbled across 2 shockingly simple strategies that I had previously overlooked.

Have you ever made a "reviews" search for your brokerage or team?

If you have, you may know that certain sites include a visual star rating right in Google search results. Take Zillow for example.


(Trulia doesn't include this Google rating system, which may be something to think about when deciding where you want to focus on generating reviews.)

This looks great, doesn't it? The good news is that we can scale this up. Zillow isn't the only place that sets these stars up on Google. You can also do it with Facebook & Glassdoor.

Real Estate Reviews With Facebook & Glassdoor

As a real estate brokerage or team, you're probably on Facebook a lot. It's one of the best places to reach home owners. Are you generating reviews there? We are, and it's paying off for us in a lot of ways.

More on the benefits soon.

In addition to FB, Glassdoor reviews are a killer opportunity that SO MANY brokerages aren't taking advantage of. Why? It also has the star rating, and it's a lot easier to quickly build up your Glassdoor profile.

If you don't know what Glassdoor is, it's a job searching and company listing site. Creating a company page allows for you to solicit reviews from your employees.

If you have a happy team, getting a bunch of 5 star ratings up on your Glassdoor page should be easy. Check out the AgentFire Reviews for example. We've got our team to talk about how they feel working at AgentFire. The result?


Why 5 Stars is Great For Your Real Estate Brokerage

The main benefits are social proof and increasing credibility. More specifically, generating reviews on Facebook and Glassdoor will help with the following:

  • The visual stars will sear your credibility into visitors' minds
  • They also increase click-through up to 20-30%
  • Prospects will see how happy your Agents and clients are

You can't put a price on your reputation. If people know you're a genuinely awesome service provider, why wouldn't they work with you? In this case, the internet is doing the hard work for you.

In Conclusion

These were the two strategies I wanted to share quickly. As I said, they are shockingly simple. However, I wanted to put them out there because I know they are severely underutilized.

Get on Glassdoor and Facebook because these tools are way too good to pass up. It's something that doesn't take a lot of effort but can have a big impact.

Keep the people you work with happy and let them do some of the marketing for you.