Build Your Thriving Community for Business Coaches, Consultants and Entrepreneurs

In this article, I’m going to highlight an amazing woman I met and interviewed on the Conscious Millionaire Show.

Lianne Bridges is a Coach and Founder of Designing Transformation. She believes that when we connect to our life purpose with our vocation, we harness the power to transform worlds – starting with our own lives.

She is a coach who helps people to identify and fulfill their calling by offering them strategic business and leadership coaching and guidance. In this article, I express some of the wisdom and insights she embodies.


One of Lianne’s biggest successes was when she moved to Montreal where she didn’t have a network. This made her look at her strengths and believe in herself. Imagine that you were suddenly up-rooted. You moved to a completely new place.

You had no business network or friends.

What strengths would you draw upon in yourself to help you rapidly make a transition?

What strategy would you utilize to get traction to build your business coaching or consulting business?

What first step would you take?


The community of your business is an eco-system designed to serve people, uplift your peers, and liberate potentials to create a thriving business as a coach, consultant or entrepreneur.

Take a higher view, and you can think of your community as your fly zone for taking your gifts and utilizing them to meet your client’s and society’s needs.

So how do you build a thriving community?

Start with listening to yourself and observing what your business does best in terms of how it serves others. This is your “fly zone”. It’s where you do what you do at your highest level.

Next turn to look at your people who work with you, your tribe that has come together to be of service. This can be a tribe that works in a similar physical location, or as is the case with many coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs, it is your virtual tribe.

Now, identify the stage of development of each tribe member. Where are they in their journey? How do your tribal members come together to express a whole brand persona?

If you would like to learn more about Lianne’s story and advice on building your own thriving community, listen to more of JV Crum III interviewing Lianne on the Conscious Millionaire Show.

What is your legacy and how does that impact how you grow your community? Lianne wants to be known for helping people open their true potential and abundance.

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