Building A Movement
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Building a movement is a tough but exciting project. At Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, we felt that the childhood cancer community needed a movement to help further the cause and to help sick kids. With Alex's Million Mile or as I like to call it, The Million Mile, we are well on our way to having a meaningful childhood cancer movement (both literally and figuratively).

In just a few short years The Million Mile has evolved into a national and international movement of people joining their friends, family and communities to walk, run and cycle 1 million miles during September, Childhood Cancer Awareness month - all virtually through our website or in person. Participants get pledges to raise money based on their miles logged and sick kids benefit. Still confused? Check out this short video that explains the event.

Last year, more than 15,000 people got moving and logged over 960,000 miles to show support and raise money for kids with cancer. An amazing feat, going far enough to circle the entire globe over 38 times to help kids. All kinds of people participated...from kids with cancer, to childhood cancer families, to businesses and schools, fraternities and sororities, senior citizens, moms' clubs to people who just want to exercise and make a difference. One of the amazing groups that have really connected with this event is childhood cancer researchers who logged over 4,100 miles last year.

This year we have taken the concept even further by giving people the ability to personalize the event. Anyone can join a team of researchers who might live and work in their communities or research a type of cancer that is important to them. And the best part is ALSF matches all donations raised by researcher teams. In other words, every dollar a researcher team raises goes directly to their lifesaving work! Learn more about the researcher teams and consider joining one that is special to you.

When a child has cancer, that type of cancer becomes personal to those families and their networks. With that in mind, this year ALSF created teams focused on specific types of cancers. All of the dollars raised by those teams will fund projects to help cure those specific cancers.

Consider joining this dynamic movement that will get you moving AND help kids with cancer at the same time. Start your own team or join one that already exists... or join my team "Million Mile Maniacs" as we try to recruit enough members to be in the top 10 of 1000+ teams again! Whatever team you join, know that for every mile you log, you are going the distance to help kids with cancer.

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