Building An Indestructible Life

Building An Indestructible Life
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As I speak with people all over the world, I have yet to meet a person that does not have a desire to live a higher life. On the other hand, not many people are willing to develop the habits that will produce a higher life. Many people respect and admire the work that I do around the world. It is great to have admiration for others. However, you have to be willing to take action if you want to live your greatest life. The reality is that life is moving and you must live each moment fully. We are officially coming to the end of the third quarter. I just hit a new decade in my life. It’s a new era and I am even more appreciative of the gift of life. Time waits on no man. Therefore, it behooves you to use timely wisely. Make the most of your life because you do not get another one.

  • Distractions have no place in your life. I talk to people everyday that have become slaves to distractions. Years ago, I discovered that distractions are things that seek to divide your attention away from your assignment. Anything that has the ability to pull you away from your priorities is an enemy. My time is very valuable and I do not like it to be wasted. I wake up everyday with intention and purpose. You cannot be idle and expect to make an impact in the world around you. Every moment you live without significance is a moment that has been stolen from you. Distractions cannot have a place in your life because they will ultimately destroy your potential. You cannot give your focus to anything that will not move your life forward. When it comes to my time I want to see progress and I want to see profit. Whatever does not propel my life forward should have no place in my life.
  • Decisions define the days of your life. This is a concept that I have been teaching for years. In fact, I have even written about it in my books. It seems the more I talk about it the less people understand it. We live in a culture that loves to play the blame game. What I discovered years ago is that the blame game will never create breakthrough moments in your life. You can sit back and blame the world for why you are not successful or you can take responsibility for why you are not successful. The reality is that where you are currently is the product of your choices. If you are not happy with the direction of your life then you need to get better at making decisions. The culture is not responsible for your lack of progress in life. Your choices are responsible for the lack of progress in your life. You may not be able to go back and undo the past. However, you do not have to live unconsciously in the present. Your decisions are prophetically scripting the days of your life. The greatest decision you can ever make is to fulfill your destiny.
  • Delays do not have to derail you. For every success I can tell you another story of failure in my life. Everyone looks at my life today and they think that I have not had challenges. However, I have encountered more challenges than you would ever believe. I’m always honest when it comes to sharing my story. My business almost collapsed three times, my critics mocked me and I experienced betrayal like you would not believe. What I have discovered is that delays will also show up in your life when you choose to fulfill your destiny. Delays are not a sign of weakness or failure. Delays are a sign that you are close to destiny. Delays do not have to break you. Instead, you must make the decision to allow delays to birth you into your destiny. Stop focusing all your energy on how long it is going to take. You need to focus on fortifying yourself so that you can have longevity. Delays are after your determination. However, you must remain determined that you will seize your destiny. Often times delays are sent into our lives to make us second guess our greatness. Delays are sent to try and make you stop short of success. If you will dare to keep going you will realize that you are on schedule. When you understand your power, no adversity can keep you from your appointed place.
  • Depth is never discovered in shallow places. I do not even have the time to tell you my whole story. What I can tell you is that your mind would be blown. Everyday I hear people give up on their dreams. Too often we say it is too hard or that greatness is not worth fighting for. I’ve come to the conclusion that quitters never made up their minds about success. You must understand that there is a depth that will never come into your life without difficulty. Your greatest power is often discovered when you are under the greatest pressure. Everything that tried to destroy me simply developed me for my destiny. Greatness is realizing that your circumstance is not final. The force of your potential is released when you understand that your circumstance is simply a catalyst into destiny. Stop being pulled by your circumstances and allow it all to push you into your calling. If you build your life on the shallow you will buckle. On the other hand, if you build your life on depth you build a life that cannot be broken!
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