Building New Year Momentum Now!

Many people view the month of December as a time to wrap things up (no pun intended) in order to start fresh in the New Year. If you're one of these people, you may have projects that are lingering and December seems like a good time to bring them to a close. There seems to be a collective mindset of ending things in the current year before starting anew in the next. What if you looked at things differently? Instead of December being a great time to complete things, what if you thought of it as a time to create momentum into the New Year?

January is like a start to a race -- the pistol goes off and everyone is moving their agenda forward. Everyone wants to get off to a good start and believes January is the time to do it. That's why health clubs are inundated with new members in the beginning of the year. The downside to starting in January is that the field is crowded and it takes more energy to start compared to building on the energy you had in December.

There's no magic to January 1st, it's all a continuum of time. Right now would be a great time to call someone you planned to contact in January. Chances are they may be even more receptive because of the general holiday slowdown. In contrast, those same individuals may be barraged by calls in January. People are always looking for a competitive edge yet they miss something as obvious as timing. Take a look at your calendar for January. What could you possibly move to December in order to get the ball rolling sooner?

The law of physics states "a body at rest tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tends to stay in motion". We all know how difficult it can be to start a project, but once we do, we find the energy to work on it until it's done. That's the theory behind maintaining momentum throughout December and rolling it forward into January. If you never lose the momentum from December, you'll start off the New Year with a head start on your peers who decided that the end of the year was a great time to bring all their work to a grinding halt. While they are just beginning their efforts on new projects, you'll be a couple of weeks into yours and well ahead of the game.

Just picture a big, heavy ball, five feet in diameter that you kept moving forward all year long. When it comes to mid-December, do you want to let that ball roll to a dead stop? Probably not, because you know it will take a lot of effort to get it started again. Keep that visual in your head as you decide that this is the year you will maintain your energy as you end one year and begin a new one. We know the holidays are upon us and believe you'll enjoy your time off even more if you know you have momentum going into the New Year.