Building Watson: Meet The Team, Learn The Story

Building a supercomputer is no easy task. Indeed, a whole team of the brightest minds in technology pooled together their creativity and ingenuity to build IBM's Watson.

Building Watson

The people behind Watson provides background on the IBM DeepQA architecture. Watch this video to understand why the team chose to undertake this momentous challenge -- from their interest in teaching a computer to speak human language to the potential impact this technology could have on different industries, and our lives.

Meet The Team

Dr. David Ferrucci, principle investigator for the DeepQA team responsible for building Watson.

Algorithms team, the 12 IBMers responsible for Watson's DeepQA architecture.

Strategy team, the group working on Watson's game play and betting strategy during a Jeopardy! match.

Systems team, the team that designed the complex system of POWER7 cores that power Watson.

Speech team, the researchers that developed Watson's voice and speech recognition.

Annotations team, the linguistics team who developed the taxonomy for Watson's search databases.

IBM Research - China, the group primarily tasked with how Watson links data from different sources.

IBM Research - Tokyo, the group that helped to develop the system that Watson uses to attach meaning to the words in a question.

IBM Research - Haifa, the team responsible for optimizing the search process of Watson's DeepQA architecture.

Project management, the team that managed the relationship between the Watson research team and the Jeopardy! production staff.

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