Being Proud of Your Personal Brand

When building a personal brand, the ability to be the person we would all like to be is in some cases a gift. That said, you need more than talent to be as glossy as these people are able to be.
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Over the years, I've worked with a number of men and women who have personal brands that enable them to shine brightly. It's their sense of wellbeing that's so striking. It's as if they don't have a care in the world. And while that's highly unlikely, they never convey any sense of ill feelings. Their personal brand is such that their intention and purpose to convey the best version of who they are is always present -- no matter what. This entails self-discipline, sacrifice, and a high level of emotional maturity and empathy. These are the strong underpinnings of an individual who is proud of their personal brand. These are the people who can be silent, yet still be compelling. Their ability to be the person we would all like to be is in some cases a gift. And this gift, or talent, is a wonderful asset, yet it's not enough. You need more than talent to be as glossy as these men and women are able to be.

And the very good news is each of us can acquire an enviable sheen. When our personal brand is supported by robust inner brand underpinnings, we are able to convey a sense of deep, yet quiet, pride. However, you need to want it as much the actor who strives for stardom. By adopting an attitude of wanting to achieve this, as much as you want success, be that materially or personally, will enable you to attain it. Like much of life, knowing what we want is a great start. Then, deciding how we will achieve our desired outcomes is next. Your personal brand is made up of many small and large parts of who you are, from your thoughts, to your shoes. It could be described as a head- to-toe approach.

Let's start at the top, the way we think is always a good place to begin. By learning how we can train ourselves to guide our thoughts to encourage feelings of positivity and joy, brings a sense of pride to us. These feelings enable us to do better work, experience improved relationships and enjoy our life more fully. Just acknowledging this is an excellent start for any self improvement we may want to achieve, or aspire to. And when our personal brand is underpinned by our self awareness and desire to grow, pride emerges almost by osmosis. There are many ways we can grow as human beings, and by using the numerous techniques that are available to us makes it easier than ever before to do so.

Now about your toes: as much time as I spend with individuals who teach the how-to's of self improvement, and irrespective of how good they are at doing it, when I see them wearing shoes that look way past their sell-by date, I'm less certain about their message. One reason for this is if you are purporting to be someone who helps others to increase confidence levels, inspire and enabling them to raise their game, all of your details needs to be in very good shape. Here, I'm referring to behaviour, integrity, manners, credibility and attire. When we meet someone for the first time, we judge them on their appearance. So when we come across an individual who is known to take care of others, subconsciously we want them to be someone who takes of themselves. This helps us to trust them.

  • Here are a few tips that will help you to feel proud of you:

  • If self-doubt creeps in, recall your proudest moments
  • Have faith in yourself and trust your feelings
  • Use your intuition when your thoughts are scrambled
  • Use self awareness to identify your passions
  • Be persistent in your desire to improve your life
  • Ask questions of those who you trust and respect
  • Always make sure your attire represents the proudest version of you
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