Built Upon The Hopes And Dreams Of Our Forefathers

I can't help but feeling that, we as the people of the USA, have been beaten down morally over past few years. We have quietly lost hope in many of the things we took for granted as, "always going to be." In a way, we have moved a step or two closer to a more desperate, "this is the way it is." In a way, we have traded in many of our hopes and dreams for survival attitudes. Possibly, this was a master plan or perhaps, just the way things evolve in a developing democracy. Make no mistake, the USA is an evolving and developing democracy. From time to time, it is tested and rebelled against. This is how it either progresses or falls apart, piece by piece. The one common binding to a growing democracy is hope. This hope is what we work so hard for as individuals and as a society. We offer this hope to our children and also, to other nations and peoples through our compassion and humanitarian hearts, which, by the way are fed by a constant stream of "hope."

We have been through, and are about to go through a selection process that has divided us along interesting lines. In actuality, the divisions are more along the lines of those who offer hope and those who think that the status quo needs to be maintained. In my opinion, the status quo has done much to damage "hopes and dreams" and allowed others to profit by growing evil while we, the People of the United States of America, are looking feverishly, for something to believe in and hope for, that will unite us again. As long as we fight among ourselves as to what that is, or who that is, those who wish us harm will continue to advance against us from within and from afar.

We were built upon the hopes and dreams of our forefathers and we grew strong based on the hopes and dreams of those who governed us over the past two and a half centuries. It is time to unite again as a nation with the singular purpose of restoring real hope, real dreams, and a real tomorrow.