Bulgaria UFO Video Under Scrutiny By Ex-FBI Agent Ben Hansen (VIDEO)

WATCH: Ex-FBI Agent Takes Close Look at Bulgaria UFO

A fast moving, silent, circular, brightly lit object was videotaped moving across the night sky of Haskovo, Bulgaria, on August 4.

The video, posted by one "nedialko kostadinov," shows the unusual object passing behind numerous wires and structures and changing colors and intensity. Near the beginning of the video is what appears to be an aircraft of some kind, possibly behind the UFO. And several commenters chime in on the YouTube page, claiming to have also seen the same object within 24 hours of the posting of this video.

Here's the Bulgaria video:

HuffPost showed the video to one of our resident skeptics, Ben Hansen, the lead investigator of the Syfy Channel's "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files." Surprisingly, Hansen likes the video and doesn't think this particular UFO was a hoax.

"Yes, that is interesting," Hansen wrote in an email to HuffPost. "If the video is hoaxed, using computer graphics, the videographer has some decent editing skills and a lot of time on their hands. Although it's by no means impossible to hoax such a video, a hoaxer needs to overcome multiple technical challenges.

"They need to allow the object to pass behind wires and buildings (a tedious editing process we call rotoscoping), keep the object's size correct when the camera zooms in and out, degrade the object's image properly when zooming in, and add realistic effects, such as image wobbling."

The YouTube poster, "kostadinov," has dozens of UFO videos on his page -- something that would normally set off the bells and alarms of UFO critics. Yet, Hansen, a former FBI special agent, doesn't think "kostadinov" is necessarily a hoaxer.

"His YouTube channel has over 80 videos of what appear to be the same UFO phenomenon, but the videos are rather undramatic and there's no overt attempt to market them or convince the public that we're watching alien craft," said Hansen.

"What would be his motivation?" Hansen asks. "The amount of time and effort involved to fake so many videos of this nature supports the conclusion that the object was filmed in-camera. I'm most inclined to believe he's been witnessing these strange events for over a year and he simply wants to objectively document them in hopes that someone will have answers."

The image below displays three different positions of the Bulgaria UFO. The top portion shows the object passing behind overhead wires, while the other two images depict the object changing colors as it moved through the sky.


This leaves us with the ultimate question, of course: What was this fast-moving object?

Could the videographer have honed in on some military experimental aircraft? Or maybe there's a celestial answer: a satellite, space debris or even a streaking meteor.

On the YouTube page hosting the video, commenter MrHeuristics noted: "On 8/4/2013 @ ~9PM PST over North Los Angeles County, California, I saw a similar object progressing due north at a constant rate, which was indicative of a satellite in a polar orbit. Strangely, it was much too bright to be a conventional satellite as it was at least 2-3X brighter than the brightest star. Probably not satellite flare or glint because the level of brightness was constant as it moved from the southern horizon line to the northern horizon line over the course of ~5 mins."

"I'd suggest the videographer film with two cameras and invest in some night vision," says Hansen. "Placing one camera on a tripod may help us determine the true motion of the object so we can eliminate the possibility of conventional craft or illuminated balloons or lanterns. Night vision will enhance the overall image quality of the video and give us more information to analyze."

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