Bull Launches Woman Into Air At Zapote Bull Festival (VIDEO)

WATCH: Woman Catapulted Into Air By Raging Bull

The bull must have been seeing orange.

At the Zapote Bull Festival in Costa Rica this past week, a bystander standing inside the ring had quite the scare when a bull, released from its pen, charged straight for her. In a video from the annual event, the bull launches the woman airborne.

Emergency services immediately stepped in to check on the woman, but she appeared to be in good condition after the terrifying toss. In the clip, she pops up with a smile and even gives a quick interview, detailing how she was catapulted several feet into the air.

Not everyone was as lucky at this year's bull-fighting festival, which came to a close Sunday. On Dec. 28, a U.S. man was gored by a bull and suffered injuries to his neck and abdomen. Though he was hospitalized for his injuries for several days, he has since been released.

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