Minnesota Thieves Steal $70,000 Worth Of Bull Semen

A farmer in Leroy, Minnesota, is probably having a cow after some ballsy thieves stole $70,000 worth of bull semen.

Here's the gist: a frozen canister about the size of a milk jug was stolen from an unlocked barn belonging to Daniel Weness sometime last week.

The canister contained a bunch of vials of bull semen valued between $300 to $1500 each, KAAL TV reports.

The canister was worth $500 by itself, according to the Associated Press.

Weness isn't sure which day the load was stolen, but said the only time he and his hired hand were away from the farm was on Easter Sunday, according to

Mark May, chief deputy of the Mower County Sheriff's Office, says animal semen can be big business -- no bull.

"There is a market for this, a lot of people bid on it or purchase it instead of transporting their animals to and from site," he told Valley News Live. "They can purchase this vial of bull semen and inseminate their cow and I guess it's just a more reliable way to do it."

So far, there are no suspects.

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