Escaped Bull Runs Onto Soccer Field, Charges At Players

Incredibly, no one was injured.

A soccer match in Australia took an unexpected turn when an escaped bull invaded the field.

The young animal ran onto the pitch and charged at players during a youth game at Federation Park in Maryborough, Queensland.

Video posted online shows it slowly walking out from nearby woodland. It picks up speed to chase down a player, who somehow manages to dodge the bull. The animal then turns around and runs back into the trees.

Ryan Devenish, who was watching his nephew play during an earlier game, caught the chaotic scene on camera. He posted footage to YouTube and Facebook on Saturday and it's going viral.

"The bull had escaped from a paddock next to the field and couldn't find its way back in," he wrote on YouTube. "It got bored and decided to attack some players."

No one was injured, Devenish told Metro. "However if that player wasn't as fast as he was, or if the bull had continued to charge at myself and the parents sitting down earlier, the outcome could have been a lot different."

It's unclear what happened to the bull. We've reached out for further information and will update if it becomes available.