LA Salon Cooks Up Bull Testicle Hair Treatment And We Tried It! (PHOTOS)

Is it a whole lotta bull?

Simone and I get a kick out of weird beauty treatments. Placenta (as in afterbirth) hair mask? Yeah, our former intern tried it. Green tea ice facials? Our large pores are now barely noticeable. Macadamia oil cleansing? We can't stop slathering it on! So, when we heard that an LA salon was cooking up a bull testicle hair treatment, there was nothing standing in the way of our strands and the wild concoction.

TheBroot founder Samira Asemanfar has established a cult following with her all-natural hair treatment bar in sunny California. She mixes up raw ingredients such as honey, avocado and oil into customized hair recipes. But now Asemanfar is adding a hair remedy that has been in her family for 20 years.

For an extra seven bucks, you can get a one-ounce boost of bull testicle broth added to any Broot treatment. After making a mess in her own home whipping up the outrageous hair mask, Asemanfar thought that her salon was the perfect place to introduce the "ballsy" off-menu treatment. The protein in the animal parts -- which are purchased from a local butcher -- are believed to repair dry, damaged locks and make hair thicker, stronger and bouncier.

Curious as to whether this weird beauty treatment is just a whole bunch of bull, our editor Anya volunteered to go "animal style" with her parched brunette hair. Click through the slideshow below to find out how the mask stacked up to the claims.

Anya, before the hair treatment

Weird Beauty Treatments: Bull Testicles Broth

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