Puzzled Puppy Has No Freakin' Clue Where The Rain Is Coming From

"Uhh ... guys? There's water hitting me in the face? IS NO ONE CONCERNED?!"

"What. Da. Eff. Iz. Dat." -- This bulldog. 

Shelby, an English bulldog puppy, recently encountered rain for the first time and as you may imagine, she was very confused. Lucky for us, her preciously puzzled reaction was caught on camera and uploaded to YouTube

Just watch as Shelby, who was 13 weeks old at the time the video was shot, looks around accusingly in different directions, as though she's trying to find the source of the rain. The culprit proves preeetty tough to find. 

One day, pooch, you'll learn to love the rain and dance and splash in puddles. But for now, you're allowed to be baffled. Because confusion has never looked quite so cute. 


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