'Bullet To The Head': 18 Sequel Titles

bullet to the head

Sylvester Stallone's new action movie, Bullet to the Head, is projected to do OK at the box office this weekend. So, it's at least within the realm of possibility that a sequel could happen. Just in case (and because it's Friday and we don't know what else to write about), here are our suggestions for Bullet to the Head sequel titles, in order of least to most painful.

(If you have your own suggestions, add them in the comments. Also, you're welcome, no one.)

· Verbal Insult to the Ear

· Slap to the Cheek

· Forearm to the Chest

· Stomp to the Foot

· Splinter to the Finger

· Cat O' Nine Tails to the Buttocks

· Punch to the Face

· Kick to the Scrotum

· Index Finger to the Eye

· Axe to the Toe

· Knife to the Lung

· Sword to the Abdomen

· Cyanide to the Tongue

· Mace to the Temple

· Morning Star to the Skull

· Landmine to the Heel

· Passive Aggressive Snide Remark to the Ego

· War Horse

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