Bulletproof iPad Case Protects Device From 9MM Gun Fire

Good news for anyone looking to use an iPad in a war zone: a new bulletproof iPad case is now on the market, according to Engadget.

The brainchild of British company VestGuard UK, the ballistic cover is made of a "cutting edge uni-directional aramid fibers processed to a high tolerance in VestGuard's state of the art facility" and can withstand fire from a 9mm handgun, notes.

But Gizmodo reminds iPad users that while the accessory is probably ideal for a war reporter, soldier or law enforcement officer, it won't protect the device from day-to-day hazards like a spilled beverage or greasy fingerprints.

Oddly enough, this device has some company on the market. Last year, PC World highlighted 15 of the stupidest iPad covers, which included a $50 bulletproof iPad case. The only catch: that case isn't actually bulletproof.