Bullets Fired Underwater In Slow Motion From The Slow Mo Guys (VIDEO)

The Slow Mo Guys, Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, seized our attention last summer by filming a watermelon exploding after it had been strangled by rubber bands. Now the lads are tracking bullets fired underwater in super-slow motion. Naturally.

Watch above as two types of handguns are discharged in a swimming pool. As captured by a camera that can be slowed to 27,000 frames per second, the bubbly shockwave effect is pretty cool.

The Guys don't get very science-y, but a physics professor who viewed a previous underwater-bullet experiment explained to HuffPost:

"What you're seeing is primarily a gas bubble created by the propellent gas from the bullet," said Dr. Louis Bloomfield of the University of Virginia. "The bubble essentially overexpands because of the water's outward momentum. Once that outward momentum dissipates into the pool, the no-longer-hot, over-expanded propellent gas can't fill the void and so atmospheric pressure crushes the bubble to a much smaller size."

Even if the technical breakdown isn't of interest, the images are intriguing. And millions of YouTube viewers seem to agree.

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