Bullfighter Gored So Hard He Needs His Rectum Reconstructed (Graphic Video)


A Mexican bullfighter just discovered the hazards of his trade in a most horrific way.

Antonio Romero suffered severe injuries when a bull plunged a horn into his backside in Mexico City’s Plaza Mexico on Sunday, Univision reports.

You can view the video below but please note it is graphic.

Dr. Rafael Vázquez Bayod told the outlet that the goring damaged Romero’s anus and rectum. He required an operation that included controlling the bleeding, the doctor said. Romero was scheduled to later undergo reconstructive surgery.

The bull, a 1,160-pounder named Caporal, penetrated nearly a foot inside the cavity, Deadspin reported. 

The New York Daily News noted Romero had the bull “seemingly under control” but fell to the ground as the bull made contact while he was dangling his red cape. 

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