Bullied 11-Year-Old Son Of Lesbian Moms Has Inspiring Message For Local School Board (VIDEO)

This bullied 11-year-old has a powerful message for his school board: "You have the power to make the changes."

In recently promoted footage from 2011's "The Bully Project," Caine Smith, the son of two lesbian moms, says people pick on him because "they think I'm different... They want me to change who I am. But I can't change who I am."

Soft-spoken with long, brown hair, Caine says he hopes his attempt to confront the school board will "encourage other kids to do the same, to speak out and rise up and help each other out to get rid of bullying."

"Not a day goes by where I am not pushed, punched or called a fag," he tells Texas' Birdville Independent School District (BISD) board members in the clip. "You have the power to make the changes. You have the power to fix this... Here I am, Caine Smith, standing before you on behalf of those students [who are too scared to speak out]. How will you fix this? What changes will you make to ensure we all feel safe in your schools?"

A good day for Caine is a one when "people [leave] their hands off of me," he says in the footage from the "Bully" movie vaults.

He explains that he's repeatedly threatened and abused by bullies who choke and punch him and call him names.

"I never had real friends that would stick around and help me," he says, adding that he plays video games to calm down and fantasizes about a magical, Harry Potter-inspired world where he "[zips] the lips" of all the rude people.

The interviews with Caine were conducted during filming for "The Bully Project," a feature film released in 2011. Around the same time, Caine's parents, Stacy Dorman and Debi Ellison, convinced the Department of Education to investigate bullying and sexual harassment at BISD, according to the Dallas Voice.