You Don't Have To Love Baseball To Love The Bullpen Cart At Tokyo Olympics

The design knocks it out of the park.

The baseball bullpen cart at the Tokyo Olympics is a hit.

Relief pitchers get to enter the game in style, sitting in a throne-like glove while the driver sits socially distanced up front.

Classic bullpen carts in the majors have often featured a giant hat on a golf cart, and at least one evoked a nautical theme. Conveyance from bullpen to mound made somewhat of a comeback in 2018, when the Arizona Diamondbacks reintroduced the bullpen cart

But Tokyo just designed the equivalent of a perfect game. This kitschy transport has won over the world.

We could practically see relief pitchers actually rooting for the starting pitcher to fail so he could make his grand gloved entrance. (OK, not really.)

The United States began play Friday with an 8-1 victory over Israel. Enjoy the awesome wheels!