Chicago Bulls Cheerleader Surprised With Marriage Proposal During Bulls-Heat Game (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

LOOK: Bulls Cheerleader Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime During Heat Game

A member of the Chicago Bulls' Luvabulls cheerleading squad won't be forgetting Thursday night's game anytime soon -- and not just because of Carlos Boozer and co.'s resounding defeat of the Heat.

In the middle of a third-quarter performance at center court, Luvabull Ariana Rosado was caught off guard when the music suddenly changed (at 0:57 in the video above) and her teammates launched into new choreography she hadn't learned -- when the team's ever-popular mascot, Benny the Bull, plopped her down in a rolling chair as her fellow Luvabulls danced around her.

(UPDATE: Rosado and Zackery appeared on HuffPost Live on Monday to discuss the slam-drunk proposal. Watch what they had to say below.)

Before long two inflatable Bennies join the party -- and out of one of them pops Shane Zackery, Rosado's boyfriend. Judging by the song that was playing during this performance (Bruno Mars' "Marry You"), we bet you can guess what happened next..

Bill Smith/Chicago Bulls
First, the Luvabull wasn't quite sure wasn't going on.
Bill Smith/Chicago Bulls
But soon she would also be in on the surprise..
Bill Smith/Chicago Bulls
When her boyfriend popped out of an inflatable Bull suit!
Bill Smith/Chicago Bulls
He then got down on one knee.
Bill Smith/Chicago Bulls
And guess what?
Bill Smith/Chicago Bulls
Bill Smith/Chicago Bulls
She said yes!
Bill Smith/Chicago Bulls
Hugs all around!

Rosado is an East Chicago, Ind. native who joined the Luvabulls this season, the Northwest Indiana Times previously reported. Her "craziest ambition"? To host her own television show someday.

Congratulations, Ariana and Shane! Watch them discuss the proposal-gone-viral on HuffPost Live:

Here's another view of the proposal from our friends at RedEye:

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