Baltimore Just Had Its Very Own Running Of The Bulls. Kind Of.

Two bulls escaped from a slaughterhouse, but are now "in custody."

Two bulls that were on the loose in West Baltimore Friday morning have been captured.

The pair escaped from the Old Line Custom Meat Company slaughterhouse on Pennsylvania Avenue just before 7 a.m., reports WBAL-TV.

Videos and photographs posted on social media showed the duo standing on a grassy area close to an apartment complex.

The bulls were contained within the area for about two hours while authorities plotted how best to capture them.

Avajoye Burnett, a reporter for WJZ-TV, posted multiple clips to Twitter of workers trying to corral the duo.

At one point, Burnett tweeted that police officers were asking the gathering crowd to move back after one of the animals charged at the workers.

Baltimore Police later tweeted that the bulls had been caught and were now “in custody.” A video showed the bulls being driven away inside a cattle transporter.

The bulls’ fate is currently unknown. No injuries were reported in the incident.