'Bully' Documentary Gets Its Own Documentary On 'Anderson Cooper 360'

A bully’s worst fear is revenge, so it’s special when a victim of bullying can turn those slurs and taunts into nationwide popularity.

Alex Libby was 12 years old when director Lee Hirsch included him in a documentary entitled "Bully." The film, which was released in 2011 and acquired shortly thereafter by the Weinstein Company, gave the boy his chance to change things -- for himself and others. Ever since, he's lent his face, time and energy to a worldwide movement against bullying. Watch excerpts about Libby above.

CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" will feature Libby’s story Thursday night in a documentary, called "The Bully Effect," about the children featured in "Bully." Watch an excerpt below.

CNN.com writes:

When Alex Libby was a 12 year old in Sioux City, Iowa, the slurs, curses and threats would begin even before he boarded the school bus. It escalated to such a frightening degree that Hirsch put down his camera and got involved in his subject's life. He warned Alex's parents and school administrators that he feared for the student's safety.

Today Alex has become an anti-bullying rock star with appearances on national television and a visit to the White House. He also regularly delivers speeches to capacity crowds as an activist, and considers himself a spokesman for the bullied. We'll show you how he overcame the junior high torment to find happiness in high school.