News Alert Re: Bullying

So, you thought you understood who the targets of bullying are:

1. overweight kids

2. sensitive and emotionally reactive kids

3. gay kids

4. kids who look different

5. shy kids or kids with no friends

Well here's the latest on bullying victims-Asian American kids particularly those between the ages of 12 and 18 face more bullying than members of any other ethnic group. These results are from a 2009 survey conducted by the U.S. Justice and Education Dept. which interviewed 6,500 students from the ages of 12-18.

Here are the numbers:

54% of Asian-American teens reported being bullied in the classroom.
31.3% of White teens reported being bullied in the classroom.
38.4% of Black teens reported experiencing this.
34.3% of Hispanic teens have to contend with this type of harassment in the classroom.

Parents: If you think this disparity is bad then how about this? 62% of Asian American teens report experiencing online harassment compared to 18.1% of White teens.

And, we thought that we were the great American melting pot?

Any thoughts about why we are facing this trend?