Dear Bullies

Dear bullies,

I have always wondered why you choose to believe that putting someone else down, would put yourself on top.

You stand there waiting for another weak prey, someone who you can easily threaten and manipulate. You invest your time and energy into diminishing every ounce of confidence in your target to the point that they feel worthless of themselves.

It almost seems that ripping someone off of their dignity gives you pleasure.

You can send out your threats, your messages of hate and use your keyboard as a weapon and your screen as a shield, but behind the words lays a person desperately seeking attention.

The hurtful words you say and the actions you do are the reason someone today will go home crying, thinking that they are the problem, when in fact you are. You may think that sending a hate message to one person is no big deal, but often that hate will reciprocate into more and more people hurting each other just to relieve their own pain from being hurt. Inside every bully is someone who has been a victim of bullying.

Many innocent lives are lost because of people choosing to get revenge on others who have bullied them. Suicide rates have risen. Bullying only leads to more bullying.

So at the end of the day when you look back at what you have accomplished, do you want to be known as someone who hurt so many people and destroyed innocent lives? You have so much potential in you and yet you choose to waste your energy hurting others. Instead why don't you put that energy into something constructive? If you want something that someone else has go and earn it yourself. You will receive much more recognition for something that you earned yourself.

You will never feel the pain that you have caused your victims, but I want you to know that you can be forgiven if you choose to earn it. I believe that every individual has the capability to spread kindness, even if they come off as destructive.  I hope that one day you are able to feel the love and kindness that the world has to offer so that you can pass on this feeling to others.

No one deserves to be hurt or feel worthless, so today before you post that mean comment or bash that innocent individual in the hallway, put yourself in the victim's position and let there be one less person crying today because of bullying.

Marsha Pinto