Bungee Jumping Accident At Victoria Falls: Zambia Tourism Minister Given Lubinda Reportedly Jumps Over River

See, It's Safe! Zambia's Tourism Minister Reportedly Bungee Jumps Over Zambezi River

Although the tour operator has insisted that over 150,000 people safely jumped off Victoria Falls bridge without any accidents akin to Erin Langworthy's New Year's Eve horror story, Zambia's tourism minister reportedly felt the need to prove the jump's safety himself.

Following an accident in which a tourist's bungee cord snapped during a dive off the bridge, Tourism Minister Gavin Lubinda visited the site of the incident and took the dive himself, The Mirror reports.

"I came here to prove that the Bungee jumping activities are safe," Lubinda told the Times Of Zambia. "I have done the slides and swinging because I have confidence in the activities. Let everyone come and do it."

The 22-year-old Australian tourist's spectacular fall was captured on film. After she hit the water, the woman managed to free her snagged bungee cord and swim to the bank of the Zambezi River. She reportedly spent a week recovering in South African hospital.

According to the Associated Press, the bungee jump is run by Safari Par Excellence. The company's website calls the experience "111 meters (365 feet) of pure Adrenalin!"

Zambia's tourism minister reportedly stopped by the bridge during a trip to Zambia's 'tourist capital,' Livingstone.

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