Bungee Jumping Accident At Victoria Falls: Australian Woman Erin Langworthy Plummets Into Water (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bungee Jumper Plummets Into Crocodile-Infested Waters

A New Year's Eve thrill-seeker had the shock of her life last week during a bungee jump at Victoria Falls bridge.

22-year-old Erin Langworthy leapt off the 111-meter bridge attached to a bungee cord, the Sydney Morning Herald reports, however she did not spring back up as planned.

Amazingly, her gut-churning fall was captured on tape on the video above. The harrowing moment after the cord snapped, sending Ms. Langworthy plummeting into the crocodile-infested waters of the Zambezi River, onlookers standing on the bridge could be heard gasping and swearing.

According to the Associated Press, Langworthy swam to the Zimbabwe bank. When she was pulled from the water, the young woman began coughing up water and blood.

Miraculously, Ms. Langworthy escaped with her life after spending a week in hospital in South Africa. According to ABC, she only suffered from bruises and a fractured collar bone.

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