Dominic West On The Bunk And McNulty Reunion That Nearly Happened On 'Treme'

There is a famous scene in "The Wire" where detective Jimmy McNulty encounters a struggle in his apartment, namely in the form of an IKEA bed. It was one of countless examples of the rebellious and altruistic McNulty being unable to completely get a grip on his personal life.

Dominic West, who played McNulty, stopped by HuffPost Live on Monday to chat about his upcoming series, "The Affair," and the conversation naturally turned to his iconic role in the show many consider to be the best TV series ever. The last time we see McNulty in the show, he seems to be on his way out of policing with no goal in sight.

So what does West think McNulty ends up doing? Apparently, "The Wire" and "Treme" creator David Simon had the idea for a golden Easter egg in the latter show's final season. It centered around Wendell Pierce, who played Bunk in "The Wire" and Antoine Batiste in "Treme."

"Well, in 'Treme,' David Simon wrote a part for in the final episode, I think, where ... Wendell's character goes to IKEA to buy flat-pack beds for his kids to build in the same way McNulty did in 'The Wire,'" West told host Ricky Camilleri. "Unfortunately I was unable to do it, but I was going to the guy in IKEA selling him the flat-pack. That's where our creator, David Simon, saw McNulty going: to an IKEA."

Watch the rest of the clip above, and catch the full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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