'Bunny Girl,' Big Willie's Burlesque Music Released On iTunes

From striptease to joint-jumpin' swing, 'Bunny Girl' features a variety of funky, dance-inspiring songs performed by percussionist Willie McNeil - the "King of Burlesque" - and his group, Big Willie's Burlesque. The line up includes: Mike Boito, piano and organ; Mike Uhler, upright bass; Derrick Davis, alto saxophone; Bill Ungerman, tenor saxophone; James King, tenor, alto and baritone saxophones; Javier Gonzalez, trumpet; James Achor, banjo; Kaspar Abbo, background vocals; and Red Young, organ.

Bunny Girl Burlesque

Willie McNeil and his group Big Willie's Burlesque, 'Bunny Girl': 11 newly released original songs inspired by the Burlesque tradition, Available on iTunes.