Bunny Devours Snowman's Carrot Nose In The Cutest Christmas Faceoff

"Just giving the snowman a kiss," Sheila Bryant's family joked as they watched the rabbit pilfer the proboscis.

This Frosty lost face, thanks to a famished furry critter.

A bunny was filmed chomping into the carrot nose of a snowman built by a family in the Cambrian Heights suburb of Calgary, the CBC reported.

“Just giving the snowman a kiss,” the family joked in viral footage shared by Sheila Bryant last week as they watched the schnoz heist, “Today” noted in the segment above.

Apparently the bunny has a nose for tasty noses. It finished off the veggie proboscis.

Somebody once wrote a poem about such a moment.

It goes: “There was a little snowman Who had a carrot nose. Along came a rabbit, And what do you suppose? That hungry little rabbit, Looking for his lunch, Ate the little snowman’s nose ― Nibble, nibble, crunch!”

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