California City Cuts Power To Restaurant That Refused To Close For COVID-19

A restaurant in Burbank vowed to stay open using a generator to continue the fight against regulations to protect the public's health.

The city of Burbank in Los Angeles County cut the power to a local restaurant over the weekend that refused to close for the pandemic.

But the business, Tinhorn Flats, vowed to stay open using generators. In an Instagram post on Sunday urging locals to “Come support freedom,” it blasted what it described as government “over-reach” and “unconstitutional lockdowns.”

The restaurant’s co-owner, Lucas Lepejian, called county health regulations to stem the spread of COVID-19 the actions of a “complete dictatorship and ... communism” in an interview with Fox11. On GoFundMe, he vowed that his business would “not comply with tyrannical rules and closures.”

Last Friday, Burbank obtained authorization from Los Angeles County Superior Court to cut Tinhorn Flats’ power after the restaurant refused to comply with rules that restricted its business operations.

Tinhorn Flats ignored prohibitions on restaurant dining and did not enforce social distancing, according to officials. It continued serving customers even after its public health permit was revoked.

“This is without question injurious to health and poses a serious risk to patrons, the neighborhood and community at-large,” a report by community development officials concluded last month.

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