Burberry-Gate: Meg Whitman's NASCAR Faux Pas

Burberry-Gate: Meg Whitman's NASCAR Faux Pas

We reported last week that Steve Poizner and Meg Whitman were both taking part in the NASCAR festivities in Fontana over the weekend, in an attempt to appeal to this coveted demographic. But in a PR faux pas the likes of which we have not seen since John Kerry ordered provolone on his cheese steak, Whitman waved the green flag in what looks suspiciously like a Burberry coat.

Her competitor, billionaire champion of working class fashion Steve Poizner, was quick to jump on this opportunity. The LA Times reports:

"Let's say you are an out-of-touch billionaire running for governor and everyone is accusing you of trying to buy the election," Poizner spokeswoman Bettina Inclan wrote in an e-mail to reporters this morning.

"You need to show that you are in touch with regular working people, so you go to a NASCAR race on a Saturday night. But was that a Burberry coat that Meg chose to wear to NASCAR? Isn't that against some kind of unwritten rule?"

One can't help but wonder what sort of humble rags Poizner donned at the event.

UPDATE: It was in fact Swiss cheese that John Kerry ordered on that infamous sandwich. Apologies to the small but vocal Provolone lobby.

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