Burger King Bacon Sundae Pops Up In Test Run At Nashville Location

Burger King Unleashes Bacon Sundae

Burger King made waves last week when it revealed a big slate of new menu items, which some said brought the chain's menu a lot closer to rival McDonald's. But now it looks like that was just the beginning of the changes afoot at the number three burger chain. A tipster wrote into GrubGrade to say that one Burger King in Nashville, Tenn., recently unveiled a whole host of menu items that have never before been spotted at the chain -- including a new bacon sundae.

That's right: ice cream topped with bacon, the ultimate in low-brow culinary indulgence, is coming to Burger King. Or at least it's coming to one Burger King.

The new delight may have been inspired by bacon-ice cream combos at smaller fast food chains Denny's and Jack in the Box. The latter, a bacon milkshake, inspired a national fervor despite the fact that it contained no real bacon and the widely-held opinion that it tasted awful. So if the bacon sundae is actually good -- and it doesn't look bad, in pictures on Instagram and Twitter -- it could be a huge hit.

The other items being tested at the Nashville location include sweet potato french fries and pulled pork sandwiches. We wish we could say that we've never had a meal involving pulled pork, sweet potato fries and sugary bacon. But that would be a lie.

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