Burger King Delivery: Chain Expands Service To New York City

Burger King has been slowly rolling out delivery, first starting earlier this year and slowly expanding to different cities. Already, the chain offers delivery in Miami, Houston and Washington, D.C., and it announced yesterday that delivery will now be available in New York.

By Burger King launching in New York, it shows that the chain definitely means business. New York is a hard market to crack, with big companies like Seamless dominating the market, not to mention the fact that McDonald's already delivers in the city through such services.

Burger King uses a proprietary thermal packaging to keep its food hot, and will over delivery within a given radius for orders over $10 (there's also a small fee). But delivery doesn't encompass everything -- items like soft serve desserts and shakes aren't included, for obvious reasons.

Over at Time, Josh Ozersky has a good dissection about the future of fast food delivery, which he thinks is both logical and inevitable, though harder to implement than one may think.

Burger King has a separate delivery website -- -- that offers a specified menu, delivery locations and tools to manage your account.

Now we're just wondering which chain will follow suit next.



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