Burger King Has Made A Froot Loops Shake -- Because Cereal Is Everything

Doesn't anyone just eat it from a bowl with milk anymore?
04/06/2017 10:04am ET

As the cereal’s slogan goes, just “follow your nose” ― to this fast-food chain. Burger King is coming out with a Froot Loops shake.

Starting April 17, “for a limited time,” the burger chain will offer vanilla soft-serve with crushed Froot Loops cereal, Today reported Wednesday.

The frozen concoction will also include a sweet sauce, KHAK noted, because the darn thing just won’t be sugary enough?

The shake will sell for $2.99. We could see Toucan Sam dipping his beak into this.

Burger King
Burger King's new Froot Loops shake will be available for a limited time starting April 17.

Given the recent cereal craze, including Kellogg’s opening a New York City restaurant last year and Ben & Jerry’s introducing “Fruit Loot” and other cereal-inspired flavors, we’ll assume BK’s shake is real ― unlike the April Fools’ Day announcement that BK was coming out with Whopper toothpaste.

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